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Monday, July 21, 2014

Lively29  /  Monday, July 21, 2014  /  ,   /  9 comments
Girls Inc. TeamUP
Cooperation is the name of the game in Girls Inc. TeamUp. Help a group of girls, each with their own special abilities, solve puzzles and reach the exit in 50 unique worlds. Based on the award winning PC game by Large Animal Games, Girls Inc. TeamUp will enchant you with its cute graphics, fun game play, and whimsical worlds. Explore the puzzle mode, or rule your world with the design-a-map feature! Create and play your own stages.

Game features:
✔ 50 unique stages in Puzzle Adventure mode;
✔ 3 stage tutorial to gently ease casual gamers into the game;
✔ Design-A-Stage mode which allows you to create, play and upload new levels to the TeamUp community;
✔ Ability to download new maps from other TeamUp players.

System Requirements:
♦ OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
♦ CPU: 600MHz
♦ Memory: 128MB
♦ DirectX®: 9.0
♦ Shockwave Player
♦ Hard Drive: 12,2MB HD space.

Помоги группе персонажей решить головоломки, используя их уникальные способности; один из них может прыгать, другой двигать ящики, а третий может бросать других персонажей. В игре есть два режима: Puzzle-Adventure и Challenge. Можно даже создавать свои собственные уровни и делиться ими с другими игроками!

Developer: Large Animal Games;
Format: Unpack and play;
Packed by: Lively29;
Size: 11,03Mb

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  1. It didn't work at first but I made it to work...
    Error: Macromedia Projector has stopped working..

    So, I downloaded the Shockwave_Installer_Full.exe from filehippo.com
    Then, Installed the Full version and Voila!!! The Game Started Working...

    Thanks a lot for uploading & sharing this...

  2. This game is really ADDICTIVE and FUN!!!
    Thank you so MUCH!!!

  3. Says its Malware.

  4. No, it's not a malware...
    You just need to download the Full Version of ShockWave Installer, install it and then the Game will run fine!!!

    Download Shockwave Full from here:
    http://filehippo.com/download_shockwave/ (Make sure to download the Latest Version)

  5. Not talking about shock wave. The game file says its Malware.

  6. Well, my Anti-Virus program didn't detect any Malware...
    And besides, Livelygames's files are always virus-free and perfect!!!
    Which AV you're running?

  7. Avira and avast can detect exe files as malware.

  8. Well, that's surprising...
    I'm running aVAST! Free Antivirus and it didn't detect any malware or anything suspicious...

    Then one thing can be done to Play this game
    The GAME is 100% safe and Virus-Free (Livelygames always are)...

    Go to avast Settings > Antivirus > Exclusions (scroll down a little bit)
    Then, add the File path (where you installed this game)...
    It will then not detect it as a Malware...