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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lively29  /  Wednesday, June 11, 2014  /  ,   /  No comments
Battle Ranch
Your beautiful ranches at the foot of the mountain and the seaside are in danger! Being well taken care of, the ranches bear plentiful fruits and vegetables. One day a sounder of evil boars head towards your ranch to steal all of your livestock. Led by their big boss, a troop of evil boars will continue to attack. Their varied types and great skills make them highly dangerous.

Defend your ranch as best as you can and prevent the evil boars from taking it over. Test your skills and collect plant weapons to defend your ranch!

Game features:
✔ 10 exciting and challenging modes of games to play;
✔ Each mode consists of 5 seasons, each of which has different seasonal characteristics;
✔ More than 216 levels;
✔ Attractive concept of games that combines ranch management and defense strategy;
✔ Accompanied by the Strategy Guide that makes the game easy to play;
✔ In each level, there is always a new item;
✔ Attractive variants of plants, weapons and enemies;
✔ Accompanied by some supporting features such as : Shop, Biography Book, Trophy Room, Diary Book, Garden, Hen House, Sheepfold and Cowhouse;
✔ The money you get can be increased by planting the crops in the garden or raising chickens, sheep and cows;
✔ Adaptive and challenging games.

System Requirements:
♦ OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
♦ CPU: 2.0GHz
♦ Memory: 1024MB
♦ DirectX®: 9.0
♦ Hard Drive: 406MB HD space.

Ссоскучились по Plants vs Zombies? Тогда обязательно скачайте Battle Ranch - практически полный клон более именитой игры.
Ваши прекрасные ранчо у подножия гор и у моря в опасности! Армия злых кабанов во главе с "Большим Боссом"направляется к Вам, чтобы завладеть вашим домашним скотом. Их разнообразные виды и отличные навыки делают их весьма опасными. Сможете ли Вы защитить свое ранчо и дать достойный отпор наглецам.
Ваc ждет около 216 уровней, множество боевых растений, 10 различных режимов, обои на рабочий стол и много другое.

Developer: Playboom;
Format: Unpack and play;
Packed by: Lively29;
Size: 370,44Mb

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