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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lively29  /  Wednesday, June 13, 2012  /    /  No comments

Ramses II is dying and with him the glory of Egypt shall fall. Amon-Ra, the Sun-God, promises to extend his life in exchange for the most magnificent temple ever built. Trouble is not far away as the building site for the temple is affected by a number of sinister incidents. Maia, a young priestess, must solve the mystery behind these events and save the life of the Pharaoh.

Part 1: The Curse of Ramesses II
Discover Ancient Egypt and follow Maia, a young sorceress sent by the Pharaon himself to investigate the strange incidents that have recently been plaguing the building site of the Great Obelisk.
Uncover what is hindering your sovereign's mission, elude curses and spells, and help the people offer up one of Antiquity's greatest architectural wonders to the mighty god Amun-Ra.
This is the first part of a three-part adventure.

Part 2: The World of Ptah
Paser, the architect who designed the Great Obelisk, is suffering from a strange illness. If no-one cures him, work on the building site will remain at a standstill. Maia has been ordered to heal him of this strange scourge. Her quest to find an effective cure will bring her to the famous city of Memphis. However, this mission involves more than a simple visit to an apothecary. Maia will be forced to call upon supernatural forces in order to help Paser.

Part 3: The Final Battle
Just as she is close to healing Paser and solving the whole mystery, Maia's adventure takes a new twist. She now finds herself hurled into a dark paranormal world...
At least one thing is now certain: a divine power is directly behind the problems on the building site.
It seems inevitable that Maia will have to confront this supreme being to save the Great Obelisk, the Pharaoh, and even Egypt itself.
This is the last part of a three-part adventure.
Egypt: The Prophecy - рассказывает нам об отчаянной попытке преодолеть непреодолимое, о вечной борьбе между жизнью и смертью. Сюжет игры шаг за шагом раскроет вам историю о том, как Рамсес II, пытаясь продлить годы своей жизни, вступил в сговор с главным богом египетского пантеона, пообещав возвести в его честь самый большой на Земле памятный знак. Вам предстоит сыграть роль девушки Майи, расследующей цепь трагических событий, сопровождающих реконструкцию храма Амон-Ра и строительство грандиозного обелиска. Прекрасная юная волшебница должна спешить: если обет, данный ее господином, не будет выполнен в срок - случится непоправимое...

Developer: Microids;
Format: Unpack and play;
Packed by: Lively29;
Size: 484,67Mb
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